True Friends

Your knee snaps out of place and you take a short walk to push it back in. It works every time.

When ever this happens, you can depend on it.


That hot flash, during a diner party when you are freshly bathed perfumed and clothed in your newest couture outfit, it comes.

The heat rises from your waist to your head in a matter of seconds.

When ever this happens, you can depend on it.


Or you are at a rock concert, standing up and swaying to the beat, singing along with your arms above your head, and it comes, the aura begins in back of your eyes, reaching out and almost blinding you. Until you realize this is your warning to med up and stave off a migraine.

When ever this happens, you can depend on it.


Maybe you recall standing at a pet store at the mall and kneeling down to pet the cute puppy.

You pet him and smile at each other. Then rise to your feet and feel dizzy.

When this happens, you can depend on it.


There are many instances I can document here, but my memory is not at its best now.  When this happens, I can depend on it.

About Fay Ulanoff

I am a freelance writer who dribbles out flash fiction, amongst writing off the wall children's literature and moonlighting as a ventriloquist
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