Ned Nedimire’s Nail Came Off

F. Ulanoff

The truth of the matter is, it had flourished for years as the king of his extremities.
Even as a baby, he would hold it high, along with his other fingers, in order to clutch his baby bottle to his lips.
But this was not to remain so.
When he grew into a boy of five and entered school he held it low under his seat. Until the teacher prodded the class for answers to her many lessons, to which Nedeimier, didn’t have any. It was at that point his pinky turned. Even if he knew an answer, the prized appendage on his left hand would not let him lift it any higher than the seat of his pants. Therefore he never did well with his studies.
After losing control of the rouge pinky, his soon discovered most of the skin on his body was white, and remained that way during his growing years and well into manhood, his left hand, the one of which was the owner of its prized pinky, he barely noticed when the pinky turned dark purple and became rough to the touch.
Its knurly exterior, he assumed, was from the manual labor he had undertaken, because of the lack of education, which was solely the pinky’s fault. Also because of its negative participation in Ned’s education, which was cut short, because of the failure to meet the criteria toward graduation, from any institution.
It was not surprising that Ned felt the need to work hard, but again, because of his pinky, he did not succeed even in the only job he could secure as a day laborer.
Since the pinky was not of the finest kind Ned was not as careful with it as he should have been the day it happened.
Driving down a hammer was a simple job, but not for Ned or his appendage, so the day it happened was no surprise to either one.
Ouch! You hit me the pinky thought and did not let Nedimier continue his job, in fact it was his last day.
Walking off the construction site rubbing his hand was the only solution that made any sense to him.
Failure became a familiar friend to Ned as he drifted from one shelter to the other, until the nasty nail fell off, just as he was opening the last gift the Salvation Army had provided for the holiday.
Yes. The skin around it nail gave way and had pushed it out onto the cement floor, next to Ned’s cot.
The very next morning Nedimier noticed a bit of new growth at the very end of his pinky’s nail bed. Then, after a week it was full grown and of a light healthy hue.
Nedimier rose from bed and decided that perhaps this life was not for him, so he decided to speak with a career counselor.
After months of deliberation and no negative feelings from his left hand he sat in a GED classroom and when any question was posed, his hand shot up and he answered with the correctly.
Nedimier, finally rid of his demon, went on to become a successful college student, and e author of the book, aptly titled Behold You’ve Got the World in You Hand.
Nedimier penned his original manuscript first with his left hand then transcribed it into the computer.

About Fay Ulanoff

I am a freelance writer who dribbles out flash fiction, amongst writing off the wall children's literature and moonlighting as a ventriloquist
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