Next Time I’ll Stay Home

This is a delema that plagues the whole world right now.
It is a thought-it is our life.
Stay awake-wont you, because this is big.
I’ll try to let you in on it if you can just pay attention.
We all know right now that this is serious, but is it as bad as we all think?
Yes I’m afraid it is and if you don’t obey the rules of the land you could be in for a longer haul than would naturely come to you by it.
It is better to let this go unspoken and have us follow all the rules that have been set down, but be damn sure that you are listening for the right opportunities to get us out of this.
There are many people on one side of this tenuous track and the rest on the other-so stay straight and don’t be swayed by the wrong information. After all the solution is in the the details.
So stay safe and try to do the right thing for all.

About Fay Ulanoff

I am a freelance writer who dribbles out flash fiction, amongst writing off the wall children's literature and moonlighting as a ventriloquist
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